Are you looking to implement or integrate payroll module with Tally software?

Tally.ERP9 and TallyPrime has built in functionalists of creating employees, pay-heads, computing simple to complex salary, payroll compliance and lot more.

You can find complete features and implement guide of Tally’s payroll module from here

However, for many reasons organizations are not fully utilizing the payroll capabilities of Tally, may be because of data privacy concerns, limitation of features, data performance, employee self management functionaries like attendance punch-in, holiday reminders and so on.

Explore our web based employee, attendance and salary management software to manage your payroll requirements and finally integrate accounting/salary computed entries with Tally.

Here is the top features which you can expect using our payroll management software;

  1. Create multiple companies/legal entities
  2. Create multiple locations
  3. Create multiple departments
  4. Create unlimited employees and manage employee profile
  5. Create and assign multiple pay-heads
  6. Manage holidays
  7. Manage weekly off
  8. Web based employee punch-in and punch-out with IP tracking 
  9. Manage loans and advances
  10. Integrate salary data with Tally
  11. Generate salary slip and various reports

To explore above features, you may signup and start our 60 day’s free trail!