Attendance & Salary

Processing Application for Small & Medium Businesses with

TallyPrime Integration

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Say Goodby to Traditional Bio-Metric Device & It's Maintenance

Capture Mobile Based Attendance Using Your Office Geo Map Radius

Simple Yet Powerful HR Admin Panel

To add companies, employees, payheads, departments, working hours, geo location, compute salary, attendance register, salary register and lot more at one place

Simple Yet Powerful Mobile App for Employees

To manage employee Punch-In and Punch-Out, Daily Attendance Register, Salary Slips, Apply Leave, Submit Reimbursement and lot more at one place

One click to import all your salary data to TallyPrime

Import Employee wise Attendance, Salary & Payment vouchers in TallyPrime

Key Features

Check below the partial list of key features that makes your attendance & salary processing super easy.
  • Create Unlimited Companies
  • Create or Import Employees
  • Add Departments
  • Add Working Hours
  • Define your office Geo Location
  • Geo Location Based Punch-in & Punch-Out
  • Create Pay Heads as applicable to your business
  • Define Public Holidays & Weekly Offs
  • Grant & Track Loans and Advances
  • View / Approve / Reject Employee Leaves
  • View / Approve / Reject Employee Reimbursements
  • Import Attendance from Bio-Metric Devices
  • Process Single or Multiple Employee Salary
  • Generate Salary Slips
  • Record Salary Payments
  • View Daily Attendance & Summary
  • Publish Company HR Documents
  • Get Birthday, Holiday, New Joinee Email Notifications